Embracing Forgiveness
by Janice S Ramkissoon

I see tears in her eyes as she tries to hide her pain. I see the look of despair on his face whilst saying, with a forced smile, “I’m fine thank you.” They have been hurt by life, continually enduring judgmental comments from friends and loved ones. Their pain has never been validated and they have been told to, “Get over it!” They hide their pain and become isolated, travelling through life with heavy hearts and unhealed wounds.

Do you feel like you do not fit in where you are? Do you feel like no one cares? Rejection in a child’s early years can affect the way they relate to others in their adult years, especially their children.  Therefore, Embracing Forgiveness attempts to encourage leaders to stay on track or get back in line with God’s will for their lives; motivate the hurting to find and deal with the root cause of their pain; and inspire the healed to move forward into the greatness that God has called them. The overall purpose of Embracing Forgiveness is to help you:

 Invest in your marriage;

 Acknowledge your responsibility as a parent;

 Discover how soul wounds are inflicted;

 Recognise the need to grieve fully;

 Establish the root of your pain;

 Seek forgiveness for your wrong-doings; and

 Release the seed God placed in your hands so that it can grow and produce a harvest.